Nvivo Transcription


  1. Plugin simple et économique
  2. Délais d’exécution rapides
  3. Compatible avec 29 langues
  4. Import direct des fichiers dans Nvivo 12
  5. Plusieurs formats audio possibles






NVivo Transcription est un plugin NVivo, pouvant fonctionner en stand-alone, qui restitue textuellement le contenu audio de vos interviews réalisées dans le cadre de votre profession ou de vos recherches.
Sa compatibilité avec NVivo en fait un puissant allié pour accélérer l’analyse qualitative que vous souhaitez opérer sur un volume de données d’enquêtes non structurées.




Why choose Nvivo Transcription?


NVivo Transcription is a simple and economical plugin that uses the latest technologies to perform automated speech-to-text transcription.


Interviews, focus groups and audio recordings are valuable sources of work, especially in professions using qualitative analysis (or QDA).
These sources allow researchers to better identify participants and discover their motivations and impressions.

60% of NVivo users manually transcribe these sources and waste valuable time not spent on data analysis and fundamental research. The others may sometimes mobilize a research assistant or even use an external service provider for a long, thankless and often costly task. Those days are now over.
With Transcription, your time can be used where it is essential: in interviews, in the field, to collect important data for your research. And not to encode them.

Simply upload audio files to the online platform and let NVivo Transcription do the rest.




Using a PC or smartphone, transfer many possible audio formats to the online platform.
If you are recording from a mobile device, load the recording directly into NVivo Transcription and start transcribing.
All data is encrypted during download and backup.





You will get fast turnaround times and up to 90% accuracy from good audio quality.

Files are transcribed in a period of time equal to half the length of the audio, so a one-hour audio file will be ready for review in only 30 minutes.
In addition, NVivo Transcription is compatible with 29 languages.




Enrich your data with a rich editor that allows you to tag speakers and more.
Import directly the files transcribed in NVivo 12 or export and use them with other programs, including previous versions of NVivo.




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