Dienstag, 29. November 2016

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Stata Users Group Meeting in Bern, November 2016 : a conference to remember

Stata Users Group Meetings

Stata Users Group Meetings


Dear members of the Stata Community,

The Stata User Group Meeting we have been holding in Bern the 17th of November 2016 has been a tremendous experience. It was the first Swiss Stata User Group Meeting with 45 participants, 10 speakers, one tasty lunch, 2 well-deserved coffee breaks, as well as more than interesting discussions about Stata applications.

Thanks to the University of Bern as well as the editor StataCorp, whose organisations supported us all the way through with this project, we were able to receive the attendees and speakers in the marvelous venue of the Haus der Universität Bern.

A first Swiss Stata User Group Meeting it was, but it’s been definitely cosmopolite: academics, students, researchers and executives from our country but also from France, Germany, Luxemburg etc. We even had the pleasure to hear speakers from the University of Freiburg in Germany, Luxemburg Institute of Socio Economic Research and many others; Rose Mederios, Senior Statistician, from the Educational Services at StataCorp, came all the way from the USA to offer a presentation on Handkling Missing Data in Stata. This exceptional diversity amongst presentations and attendees led to a dense, high-quality conference with top-notch speakers. We were all the more excited to receive spontaneous tremendous feedback, as this was our very first edition: the verbatim hereafter speaks for itself.
For those wanting to catch up, you will find also the PDF of the presentations that were held during the day.

We won’t stop here. Next step? 2017. Paris. You have a whole year to work on the presentations you’d like to submit.
See you very soon, and thanks to all of you, Stata users!


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All presentations

Data consolidation and cleaning using fuzzy string comparisons with the matchit command

Julio Raffo

"Match of the day": Finding least proximal measurements to a given date with fmatch

Viktor von Wyl
(University of Zurich)

Handling missing data in Stata: Imputation and likelihood-based approaches

Rose Medeiros
(StataCorp LP)

Reproducible research with Stata

E.F. Haghish
(University of Freiburg)

Effective plots to assess bias and precision in method comparison studies

Patrick Taffé
(University of Lausanne)

New figure schemes for Stata: plotplain and plotting

Daniel Bischof
(University of Zurich)

Creating LaTeX and HTML documents from within Stata using textdoc and webdoc

Ben Jann
(University of Bern)

The assessment of fit in the class of logistic regression models: A pathway out of the jungle of pseudo-R2s using Stata

Wolfgang Langer
(University of Halle-Wittenberg)

Counterfactual distributions: Estimation and inference in Stata

Blaise Melly
(University of Bern)

Distribution regression made easy

Philippe van Kerm
(Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research)

Easy multipanel plotting with grcomb

Alex Gamma
(Psychiatric University Hospital, Zurich)




This was a great day, well organised and with interesting and relevant talks. I learnt things which I will now apply in my work!

Fiona Vanobberghen (née Ewings), PhD, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute